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Candy for Halloween was founded, created and is run by Noah Voss.  Mr. Voss is well established in several fields.  A publisher of over 4,000 paranormal pages, including online presences dating back to 1997.  Chasing down and investigating real-life reports of UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoological wonders, and accounts of ESP keeps him on top of Halloween genres - real and faux.  Mr. Voss is also a published author, paranormal investigator and researcher who's work has been featured on TV, radio and or in print in over 40 countries.  Since following your passion doesn't often pay, or pay enough to live on, he began expanding his 'paranormal' endeavors.  Candy for Halloween was born.  Halloween is certainly his favorite holiday, and finds all of these items himself as they are on his own shopping wish-list.  If you support his endeavors enough, perhaps he'll have a few extra bucks to sample some of the unique goods he collects for his visitors. 

Thank you most sincerely for stopping by. 

We hope Candy for Halloween brings some joy into a sometimes otherwise stressful life!  Embrace the season your in, add some atmosphere educing candy treats this year!  Shopping Candy for Halloween supports independent artists, and small local businesses.

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Candy For Halloween Pumpkin Spice Gum and Tin

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Candy For Halloween

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