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Ghostbusters Ectoplasm
Candy for Halloween Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink
Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Drink
Keep your ghost hunter going all Halloween long with canned ectoplasm!  Express your inner Ghostbuster style with each sip.

Vampire Blood Drink Fron HBOs Tru Blood

Candy For Halloween Vampire Blood HBO True Blood Drink

Tru Blood Blood Soda

Fan of HBO's True Blood?  Maybe not, but if you are going to dress up as a vampire this Halloween, or watch a movie with Vampire's or throw a Halloween party and just want that extra something that everyone will remember...well then you've found it.  Artificial human blood drink!  (really it's just orange soda...or is it)

Mana Health Potion

Candy For Halloween Potion Mana Energy Drink

Mana Energy Potion

Excellent potion bottle filled with an energizing and mana healing potion!  Perfect for the video gamer or to add atmosphere to that wizard, elf, or witch costume this Halloween!  Reminds me of Zelda.

Pumpkin Spice Flavoring

Candy For Halloween Pumpkin Flavoring

Pumpkin Spice Syrup

An American made product!  Reviews have this pumpkin flavoring syrup on the spicy side.  Good in your morning hot chocolate, morning coffee, or morning vodka...however you roll.

Zombie Energy Drink

Unique Halloween Candy Treats Zombie Energy Drink

Zombie Survival Energy Drink

Zombie survival can with zombie apocalypse survival tips right on the side!  How could you not survive?

Absinthe Mints

Candy for Halloween Absinthe Flavored Mints

Absinthe Mints

Absinthe flavored mints will be a huge hit with anyone familiar and a fan of Absinthe.  Flavors reminiscent of floral black liqorice.

Candy For Halloween 

Drinks Store

Candy For Halloween Store

Skull & Bones Ice Maker
Candy For Halloween Skull and Cross Bones Ice Maker
Skull & Bones Ice Maker
Skull and Crossbones ice maker is perfect for any Halloween party.  Take it up a notch, and treat your guests to a party they won't forget!

Blood IV Bag Candy

Anti-gravity mint candy for Halloween

Blood IV Bag Candy

Going as a Vampire, maybe modern day Count Dracula or anything hospital related for Halloween?  Then you need this.  A prop that you can eat!

Harvest Spice Cocoa

Candy For Halloween Hot Chocolate Snoopy

Harvest Spice Cocoa

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  Snoopy and Woodchuck great you every time you make yourself this Autumn Harvest Spice Hot Chocolate.

Zombie Awake The Dead

Candy For Halloween Zombie Drink

Zombie Awake The Dead

When zombies litter the country side and sheeple replace the once peaceful cows, you'll be glad you have Zombie Awake The Dead Energy Drink to make it through the night!

Health Energy Potion

Candy For Halloween Potion Health

Health Energy Potion

Health energy potion is perfect for Halloween time.  Give the gift of Health this year and add to your loved ones costume details or just enjoy when you need a little pick-me-up!

Root Beer Bigfoot Candy

Rootbeer flavored Candy For Halloween Bigfoot Mints

Bigfoot Mints

Root Beers not just for drinking anymore.  Bigfoot candy in a super cool and unique Bigfoot 'foot' shaped tin!  What's even more different is these are root beer flavored!

Cauldron Hot Cocoa

Candy For Halloween Cauldron Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Cauldron

Cool reusable cauldron tin rounds out this white chocolate colored orange drink.  Yes, not your normal hot chocolate. I'd recommend picking up the pumpkin spice flavoring syrup on the top right of this page too!

Ghostbusters Slimed!

Candy For Halloween Ghostbusters Slimed Energy Drink

Ghostbusters Slimed Drink

"I've been slimed"  Canned slimer ectoplasm as an energy drink.  Ghostbusters fans and those serious about enjoying Halloween will love this!  "I feel funky"

Absinthe Gumballs
Candy for Halloween Absinthe Flavor Gumballs for Sale
Absinthe Gumballs
Absinthe liquor once illegal now back in stores AND now in gumballs.  Of course it was likely more illegal in the early 1900s because of the toxic ingredients and processing.  These are Absinthe by flavor only, so no worries!

Gummy Shot Glasses

Candy For Halloween Gummy Shot Glasses For Sale

Gummy Shot Glasses

 Throwing a party this fall?  I won't say you need these shot glasses made out of gummy candy, but you need these.  I mean, if you want your party guests to be blown away and have your party be way more than anyone expected!  Probably not dishwasher safe.

Skull Drink Glass
Candy For Halloween Skull Mug
Halloween Skull Glass
Embrace this Halloween every time you reach for your drinking glass!  Large drinking glasses in the shape of a skull!

Resident Evil Zombie

 Candy For Halloween Energy Drink Resident Evil

Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote

You need this in your zombie apocalypse first aid kit if you want to survive!  T-Virus antidote for anyone familiar with the Resident Evil franchise will think this is cool enough for their desk.  Others will just need it to stay on zombie patrol all night with out falling asleep at their post!

Ice Shot Glass Mold 

Candy For Halloween Ice Shot Glass Mold

Ice Shot Glass Mold

Very cool!  Get it...yeah I know.  Seriously though, I have wanted these since the first day I saw them.  Your guests will think they are just as cool.  Perfect for those wamer Autumn days or Halloween in the tropics!

Bleeding Eyeball Gum

Candy For Halloween Bleeding Eyeball Gum

Bleeding Gumball Eyes

Cherry filled bleeding gumballs are a perfect addition to this year's Halloween candy list.

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Candy For Halloween Hot Chocolate Orange

 Haunted Hot Chocolate

Okay so, just to be clear this is not your normal hot chocolate.  This is white chocolate with orange coloring...not flavoring.  Sooo if you are a fan of white chocolate you know what you are in for.  If not, give it a try but maybe you'll benefit from having our Pumpkin Spice Flavoring Syrup that we carry on the top right of this page...just in case!

Halloween Lucky Potion
Candy for Halloween Lucky Potion for sale
Luck Energy Potion
Who couldn't use a little more luck?  Especially on Halloween.  Black cats crossing in front of you, neighborhood kids with toilet paper and rotten eggs, ohh and then there are the ghosts, goblins and ghouls!  This will do the tick and keep you going to get all of those treats this Halloween.
Party Ideas For Halloween!
Light Up Cups!  Skull Beer Mugs!  Three Tier Drink Fountains!  Tons of Halloween Party Ideas!  More Exclamation Points!!
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Halloween Party Supplies & Drink Ideas
"Next rounds on us!"
Haunted Drink Dispenser
Candy For Halloween Haunted House Drink Dispenser
Halloween Drink Dispenser
Classic Haunted House that is nice enough to set out for Halloween time decoration.  It doubles as a drink dispenser.  If you look closely you can see the spicket on the front door.
Bottle Opener Ring
Candy For Halloween Bottle Opener Ring
Bottle Opener Ring
If you've ever found yourself searching and scrambling for a bottle opener only to have to pop a top off on a hard 90* edge like a counter top or picnic bench; then this ring is for you.  Search no more, be prepaired like a boyscout...that drinks alot.
Zombie Blood IV
Candy for Halloween Zombie Blood IV Bag Candy
Zombie Blood IV Bag
Fun for zombie movie night, Halloween day or adding that extra edible detail to your Halloween costume this year.  Makes a great ice-breaker at that Halloween costume party!
Halloween Skull Mugs
Candy For Halloween Skull Mugs
Halloween Skull Mugs
Embrace the fall season this Halloween every time you take a drink of your favorite beverage!  Perfect for hot cocoa on those dark and stormy nights or those dark and stormy work days filled with extra strength coffee to get you through another pointless meeting.  Where are those TPS reports? least it's Halloween again!
UFO Ice Maker
Candy For Halloween UFO Flying Saucer Ice Maker
UFO Flying Saucer Ice
Ya know, aliens aren't included enough in Halloween.  Help make the change with this flying saucer ice maker.
Candy Shot Glasses
Candy For Halloween Candy Shot Glasses
Candy Shot Glass
Hard candy shot glasses!  Ya, super cool.  Your guests will never forget this small detail of your Halloween party.  Unless, maybe if they have too many candy shot glasses...then they'll be all hyper from the sugar until they black out from all the alcohol.  Maybe I'm over thinking this though.  Hey it's alright, after all it's Halloween!
Titantium Straw
Candy For Halloween Titanium Straw
Titanium Straw
Titanium drinking straw!  Might be a little over kill.  We know plastic while serving its purpose, is no longer the green choice.  They make stainless steel drinking straws but that is so 2000.  You are cutting edge, and don't you really want to try this with an orange now?
Toxic Barrel Drink Glass
Candy For Halloween Toxic Barrel Drinking Glass
Toxic Barrel Drink Glass
So these aren't actually radioactive...of course I've never tested them, so technically, no-no I think it is safe to assume that these are safe.  They are super cool, that's for sure.  Nuclear logo on the side and in the shape of a classic 50 gallon barrel.  Perfect for that fun Halloween punch!
Skull Shot Glass
Candy For Halloween Skull Shot Glass
Skull Shot Glasses
Skull shaped shot glasses are a must for any serious Halloween party, or biker bar.  Both can be equally scary.
Stay Puft Marshmallow
Candy For Halloween Marshmallows Stay Puft
Stay Puft Marshmallows
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallows.  They are gourmet and get good reviews.  Maybe not too many for the kids though, as they do have caffeine!
'Crystal Skull' Shot Glass
Candy For Halloween Skull Shaped Shot Glass
'Crystal Skull' Shotglass
A shot glass with a cool 'crystal skull' shaped reservoir!  Really, can you have to many skull shaped shot glasses?  I think not.
Ice Straw Maker
Candy For Halloween Ice Straw Mold
Ice Straw Maker
Keep yourself cool as you suck up your favorite Halloween drink this year!  Reviews say that these ice straw molds are a bit tricky to master, but once you get the hang of it, totally worth it!



Candy For Halloween

                     Tricks AND Treats


Full Moon Image Credit: Luigi Diamanti