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Bleeding Eyebal Gum

Candy for Halloween Bleeding Eyeball Gum

Bleeding Gumball Eyes

Gumballs shaped and designed like an eye - with a red moist center?  Nailed It!

Zombie Chewing Gum

Candy For Halloween Gum Zombie Fruit Flavored Gum

Zombies Gum

Danger...Zombies...Run!  Fruity flavored Zombie gum.  Keeps you going long enough to out-run the hordes of flesh eating zombies!  In case you forget what to do when you see a zombie, the directions are right on the package.

Fairy Egg Flower Gum

Candy For Halloween Fairy or Fae Eggs Gum

Bubble Gum Fairy Eggs

Egg shaped gum that has a floral flavor!  All in a neat star shaped fanciful fairy tin.  Very unique gift for Halloween, getting together with the ladies, afternoon tea ya know, whatever.

Pumpkin Spice Gumballs

Candy For Halloween Pumpkin Spice Gum and Tin

Pumpkin Flavored Gum

These are a must for any serious Halloween candy crazy fan.  Pumpkin spice flavored bubble gum in a cool and creepy jack-o-lantern tin!

Absinthe Gumballs
Candy for Halloween Absinthe Flavor Gumballs for Sale
Absinthe Gumballs
Absinthe liquor once illegal now back in stores AND now in gumballs.  Of course it was likely more illegal in the early 1900s because of the toxic ingredients and processing.  These are Absinthe by flavor only, so no worries!

Mummy Bandage Tape Gum

Candy for Halloween Mummy Bandage Tape Gum

Monster Mummy Bandage Gum

Wrap up your little Mummy as they head out for tricks or treats this year.  This gum will make the perfect addition to their costume.

Candy For Halloween 

Gum Store

Candy For Halloween Store

Coffin Death Mints

Candy for Halloween Gum Seven Deadly Sins Gumballs

Seven Deadly Sins Gum

Seven deadly sins Halloween Gum.  How many can you get through this Halloween night?



Candy For Halloween

                     Tricks AND Treats


Full Moon Image Credit: Luigi Diamanti