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Halloween Fairy Mints
Candy for Halloween Fairy Flower Flavored Candy Mints for Sale
Fairy Mints
A lighthearted, warm-fuzzy gift on the Candy for Halloween list this year.  A flower flavored candy mint has to be a perfect gift for someone on your list.  I'm thinking mother's day?  In all honesty probably more candy than mints, but they are marketed as mints?  Just with a floral flavor.
Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints

Candy for Halloween Werewolf Silver Bullet Mints for sale

Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints

Be prepared with fresh breath and try to bluff your way out of a face to face with a werewolf this year.  He doesn't have to know these are just mints.

Holy Bible Cross Mints

Religious Holy Cross Mints in a Holy Bible Tin for Halloween

Bible Tin Cross Mints

A cool bible tin filled with cross shaped mints.  Would make a perfect addition to many Halloween costumes.  Accessories really do help make a Halloween costume!

Vampire Garlic Mints
Candy for Halloween Vampire Repelling Mints Garlic Candy
Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints
That's right, vampire repelling garlic mint candies.  A perfect gift to the child with fears of Halloween.  Give them these for their protection, and tell them you'll take care of all the other monsters; they'll just watch for vampires.  Makes a great addition to the adult Vampire Costume..this and a mirror and you're a Vampire hunter.  You're welcome.

Deadly Fugu Fish Mints 

Candy For Halloween Poisonous Fugu Fish Mints

Fugu Mint Candy

Alright, obviously these mints are not really poisonous, but the actual Fugu fish does have areas of deadly toxin.  Hence the cool concept with naming mints after it.  Perfect for Halloween.  Tempt fate.  Ya know...unless you are allergic to mint.

Absinthe Mints

Candy for Halloween Absinthe Flavored Mints

Absinthe Mints

Absinthe flavored mints will be a huge hit with anyone familiar and a fan of Absinthe.  The crew at Candy For Halloween may prefer whiskey, but is not a stranger to Absinthe.  Just in case you're putting us on your gift giving list.

Candy For Halloween 

Mints Store

Candy For Halloween Store

Coffin Death Mints

Buy Coffin Tin filled with Candy For Halloween Death Mints

Coffin Death Mints

Death mints housed in this kick ass Halloween coffin tin.  I'd buy this even if it didn't have the mints!  Leave it to Candy For Halloween to 'dig' up the coolest, most unique candy and mints for their visitors!

Anti-Gravity Mints

Anit-Gravity Mints

Anti-gravity mints so you can try to pull off your best Clark Kent impression.  Just try it from the safety of the ground!  Great for anyone who was a 'child' through the 1950s with the 'commic book' inspired tin art.

Cthulhu Mint Candy
Candy for Halloween Cthulhu Candy Mints
Cthulhu Mints
A fan of H.P. Lovecraft?  Well if not, and you like fiction; you should really give it a try.  Once you do, you'll have to have these Cthulhu candy mints - whether it's Halloween or not!  Great books, excellent mints!
Invisibility Mints
By Candy for Halloween Invisibility Mint Candies
Halloween Invisibility Mints
"Who said that!?"  Ha, get it?  Invisibility.  Come on.  Well, get a tin and you can work on your own dry, weak jokes all Halloween long!

Hello Kitty Devil

Candy for Halloween Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon Hots Candy

Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon

Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon Hots!  Great for any Hello Kitty fan or anyone who loved those old little cinnamon hots candy.

Rootbeer Bigfoot Candy

Rootbeer flavored Candy For Halloween Bigfoot Mints

Bigfoot Mints

Bigfoot candy in a super cool and unique bigfoot 'foot' shaped tin!  What's even more different is these are rootbeer flavored!  I don't want to tell you how to shop, but this is worth it for the unique tin itself.

Candy For Halloween Sin-O-Mints Cinnamon Mints
To the Devil with ya!  Cinnamon mints, in a super cool conversation starter...maybe debate starter - friendship ending tin!  It'll totally be worth it.

Ouija Board Mints
Candy For Halloween Ouija Board Mints
Ouija Board Mints
Who are you talking to, channeling or divining to learn more from?  Well; whomever, do it with fresh breath this Halloween!
Bible Verse Mints

Candy For Halloween Bible Verse

Bible Verse Buttermints

Something for everyone on Candy For Halloween's list...even evangelicals.  You're welcome.  Buttermints and the Bible will both likely make your grandma happy!

Zombie Mints

Candy For Halloween Zombie Mints

Zombie Mints

How do those Zombies keep their breath so fresh after eating brains all night?  Yup you guessed it - Zombie Mints. 

Original Halloween Costume Ideas!  Super Unique Halloween Decorations!  Animated Halloween Props!

Minty fresh - Party Ideas For Halloween
Moving Alien Mask Party Ideas For Halloween Alien Animated Mask  Lady's Werewolf Halloween Costume Idea  Werewolf Hunter Ring Halloween Costume Accessory Idea  Animated Zombie Halloween Mask Costume Idea  Women's Vampire Vampiress Halloween Costume Idea  Women's Deluxe Pirate Boot Halloween Costume Accessory Idea

Each item has a hand written (well typed any-way) description full of our genius ideas...sometimes funny too.
Halloween Costume Party Ideas and Props



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